DJ Cascade

  DJ Cascade is a DJ with vocational and creative experience since 1996, he is a DJ with sound engineering history, he is a DJ with experience in theatrical and performance sound engineering. Today at his coin box of tens subdued dance floors in Moscow, and abroad. Sergey is a DJ with high quality style of playing.
Project Electro Esthetica
  The main part of the project is Sergey Cascade: DJ, creative & musical ideas, general & sound producer.
  The musical stylistics of the project is constructed on hybrid sets of compilations in Tech Trance, Progressive Trance, Hard Trance.
At the head of creative thought the non-standard approach to handling sound. Original sounding of the project balances on a joint of genres.
The rigid rhythm and an electric basis are combined with progressive sounding, a melodious vocal and an electronic aesthetics.
  Creativity of project plunges the listener in travel in the imagined worlds.
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